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Name:Snark without Borders
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Yet Another Snark Community

Seen spectacular failure in international travel?
Has travel failed to broaden someone's mind?
Someone claiming wisdom's wiser when it comes from far away?
Or that art is shinier because it's foreign?

Tell us! We gleefully accept fail from all over the internets, and the real world too. Of course, if your snark sucks, you may get mocked. But you knew that, right?


  • If you troll the original source that's been snarked, you may be banned. If it's a personal journal, you will be banned.

  • No porn macros. Posting them will get you banned. (Yes, porn is subjective, but don't be a dick, and we won't either.) This doesn't mean you can't post NSFW links or concepts, though.

  • No junior modding. If you have a problem, contact [personal profile] alextiefling.

This was originally inspired by the community brits_americans on LiveJournal, but that definitely doesn't mean the scope is limited to US-UK fail. Not by any means.
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